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Prayaag International School-Principal-Mrs.Anju Gupta



Mrs. Anju Gupta


The distinguishing feature of Prayaag International, Panipat is its unique blend of Indian ethos and culture with contemporary teaching learning pedagogies. It is a school where the children can grow into confident and well-balanced youngsters. To unleash the latent powers of the child, the school provides opportunities, support and challenges at all stages of growth and development.

We believe that – IF A CHILD CANNOT LEARN THE WAY WE TEACH, TEACH HIM THE WAY HE CAN LEARN. Skill and activity based learning together with technology have replaced rote learning. Prayaag International, Panipat provides a conducive learning environment where every student is respected for his potential and is encouraged to learn at a pace he can cope with and stimulated to excel according to individual aptitudes.

The teacher sees her role not as that of a knowledge giver but as that of a navigator, an enlightened companion, an astute mentor and eager co-learner. The teacher is not a prisoner of textbooks but a liberated professional setting an example for continuous and life – long learning. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, a great thinker and philosopher of India says, ”Ancient Greece and India agree in holding that it is the aim of education to train us to apprehend human virtues and the simple decencies of life. We must educate not for cruelty and power but for love and kindness. We must develop the freshness of feeling for nature, the sensitiveness of soul to human need. We must foster the freedom of the mind, the humanity of the  heart, the integrity of the individual.”

Prayaag International will definitely usher in a new era of education in Panipat.