PIS has as its vision and mission "Character Building and Man-Making" and its motto is "Discipline and Excellence". Its belief is "Co-operation over Competition".
The goals of PRAYAAG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL are defined by the verses of the Sthithaprajna from the Bhagvad Gita – namely true wisdom that transcends all text books.

Life is what I make it


We will give each student a foundation for personal development where self-discipline, self-knowledge, sense of responsibility and confidence in one’s own ability provide the basis for a constructive attitude. The essence of which is that “life is what I make it”.

  • We educate for Quality Life
  • We prepare students to live and work in a modern, global society with its ever-changing challenges and difficult choices.
  • “Education for life”
  • Gives student the ability to see context and patterns, understand and interpret events, take decisions and make choices.