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    Admissions Process

    Prayaag International School Admission Process Explained as,

    Documents Required for Admission

    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of residence
    • School Leaving Certificate (for admission from Class II onwards)
    • Passport-sized photographs of the child and parents/guardians
    • Medical fitness certificate
    • Latest report card
    • Fee receipt
    • Original certificates for verification
    • Our Simplified Admission Process: A go-to Road for Parents and Students.

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    Prayaag International School is committed to providing a seamless and open admissions process. We make sure that every process is clear and simple for everyone involved. Here is a thorough guide to assist you through each step with ease:

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    This are the common FAQ’s asked by our parents, just to make you ease our team has answered few of them here, hope this will help you.

    How are parents updated about school updates and their child's progress?

    Parents receive updates from the school through Emails and Newsletters about school events and announcements, Parent-Teacher Meetings to discuss a child’s progress and behaviour, School Websites and Portals for Online access to attendance and assignments.
    Text/Class Whatsapp Groups or Voice calls. Moreover, the school news is shared on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

    How does the school get students ready for careers and higher education?

    The School updates students about careers and higher education through Career Counselling and Guidance Sessions.
    The School organizes events where students can meet representatives from colleges, universities, and various industries to learn about different career paths and higher education opportunities.
    The School arranges visits to colleges and universities to give students a first-hand look at campus life and academic programs.
    Regular sessions are held where teachers provide updates and information about career planning and college readiness.

    What extracurricular activities are offered, and how do they enhance academic pursuits?

    The School offers a wide range of extracurricular activities that support students’ academic progression and overall development.
    Sports likeBadminton, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball,Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Skating, Shooting, Martial Arts, Swimming, etc. improve organizational skills by balancing activities and academics.
    Robotics, Choir,School band,Nukkad Naatak, Visual arts, Dance etc. improve well-being and reduce stress, build collaboration and communication skills.

    What is the curriculum that the school employs?

    Our school adheres to the CBSE, which aims to offer a thorough and well-rounded
    education with an emphasis on the whole development of the child.