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Senior Wing School

Education is imparted through Tech-enabled Classrooms, well-enhanced and upgraded Science, Computer and Language Laboratories. An amalgamation of modernity, refinement, culture, and discipline is what we impart to our students. Our highly-accomplished teaching staff thrives to metamorphose the students into fervent global citizens who are confident, responsible and fearless. Our holistic pedagogy aims at unleashing each student’s potential to enkindle his/her originality and nurture the zeal for achieving what one is focused upon. By providing the opportunities of practical and experiential learning, we make certain that our students are driven beyond the rigid structures of classroom learning and present new and sustainable ideas. At Prayaag International School, Panipat, we don’t only focus on the outstanding results in various disciplines, but also focusses on fostering the overall well-being and holistic success of students. Prayaag International School’s Senior Wing stands as a beacon of academic excellence in Panipat.